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Zebop™ develops smart Camera Technology for demanding applications which includes Artificial Intelligence and Network Security in a world of encryption. Our products push the boundary of what's possible within Computer Vision, EDGE Computing, IoT, and Industry 4.0.  
EDGE Computing is about processing at the most useful and efficient points of the value chain. This is crucial for enabling Computer Vision for AI and business critical decision support in harsh environments.

Our passion for the Ocean Space and underwater cameras is the cornerstone of our unique expertise. We know how to create the best images below sea level and in harsh environments through EDGE Computing. 


Education and inspiration
Environment / Ecological innovation

The use of technology to offset and mitigate negative consequences of human activity on our environment is collectively referred to as Ecological Innovation.


The main motivation is sustainability, both socially and ecologically.


With modern technology we can better monitor, model and conserve the natural environment, and curb the negative impacts of human involvement. 

Renewable energy

Renewable /

Energy production

The ocean provides a vast source of potential energy resources, and as renewable energy technology have been developed, we see more and more projects targeting this area.


With respect for ocean and it’s power, the energy plants also becomes more inaccessible when placed in the ocean. The weather can turn in a heartbeat, and the strains are hard.


Smart, independent vision- and sensor-fusion can proved insights in real-time and power up the next decisions to take. 



Offshore /


Offshore and subsea operations take place in a very demanding environment. 


Only the most robust camera equipment will survive and operate as expected in this harsh physical, chemical, and biological environment. 


Zebop's comprehensive product offering includes  FPGA’s, video engines, enabling software, embedded memories, high-speed connectivity products, peripherals and development tools, designed for conquering the Ocean Space. 

Exploration and research
Research /
Global exploration

Researching oceans often demands scientists to collect information from harsh and remote locations over long periods of time to see trends. The last part can be difficult to get due to accessibility and rough weather. Poor image quality, even for just a short period of time, may ruin a 10 year long study. 


With low power, resident devices the operation can be provided with lot more detailed insights and stable collection of data, both in real-time if events occur, or over longer periods of time. Reaching UNs goals depends on even more insights logging the trends to know we are going in the right direction. 

Smart city
Smart city /
Urban management

A smart city delivers advanced services for businesses and residents, bridging the digital divide and providing a better quality of life for all. 


A well-planned infrastructure transforms cities into vibrant socio-economic communities. 


Smart Computer Vision has for years been cornerstone of modern urban management systems. 

Aquaculture /
Seafood production

Today aquaculture is the fastest growing, food-related primary industry in the world. And we need it to be. 


A growing global population is dependent on robust farming practices. The environmental impact of aquaculture is entirely dependent upon the species being farmed, the intensity of production, and the skill of the farm operator. 


Vision systems are crucial for modern seafood production to provide the world with a safe and sustainable source of proteins. 

Marine transport and logistics
Logistics /
Maritime security

Maritime vessels at sea are vulnerable when unexpected events occur. 


Open hatches, fire in the engine room, man over board or the unexpected patch of whales surfacing directly in front of a moving vessel are just a few of the many events that can be detected with intelligent cameras. 

See the underwater world
Tourism /

As 50% of the worlds tourists travel to coastal areas, you can safely say the ocean provides a great space to be near, at or in. 


What most of these tourists see is flat ocean as far as the eye can see. As the oceans stand for 90% of the worlds living space, it’s a lot more than a flat surface...

Defence /

Intelligent cameras and vision systems play a key role in modern defense and surveillance. 


In many areas including Driver Vision Enhancer Systems, autonomous drone navigation systems and intruder detection, defense and surveillance is the leading industry pushing visual aid and edge computer systems to their very limit. 


Scene understanding, using industry standard cameras




High resolution video

Digital equipment can capture details that far surpasses the human vision system. But vision-based methods can fail to work underwater when the water is dark and murky. 


High resolution in the first point is the key to good video. 


By applying advanced real-time image enhancement in combination with high end lighting, we can restore crystal clear images in high resolution, ready for further processing.

Computer vision (CV)

Vision is the fastest way to sense your surroundings. Seeing means processing images in our brains into thoughts.


CV gives hardware the ability to observe and interpret its environment and allows for trends and patterns to be quickly and accurately parsed from visual information.


We are not there yet with CV. But it does a great job at seeing what we tell it to see and will supply only the relevant data, which results in faster decision making. 

EDGE Computing IoT

Computer vision and Artificial Intelligence (AI) require a frequency and volume of data that challenge the paradigms of centralized cloud computing. 


EDGE computing moves data processing to the remote points of the network where images are collected.

Instead of transporting all data to the cloud, image processing is done at the EDGE. IoT gets a whole new meaning. EDGE and cloud - best of both worlds.

Intelligent video and data analysis

Intelligent video and operational intelligence lie in the core of the intelligent digital world, enabling sensory connections on a global scale. 


Acting as the connecting point between the physical and digital worlds, intelligent video serves as a powerful catalyst for the smart transformation of industry 4.0.

Zebop camera solutions at the EDGE - more than meets the eye.


5G networks provide a faster, more flexible communications platform for enterprise and IoT services. We expect 5G to quickly become a dominant technology for modern IoT systems. 


5G will spur innovation across many industries and provide a platform enabling IoT and intelligent computer vision to become an integral part of our economy and lifestyle. 


EDGE computing is a key component of any 5G and IoT strategy and holds significant promise for service providers as a new business opportunity. 

Depth imaging

Depth imaging extracts three-dimensional depth from two-dimensional images. 


While the vast majority of machine vision applications can safely rely on two-dimensional imaging, machine vision applications utilizing 3D imaging is a growing segment within several industries. 


Understanding the depth space around you demand a whole lot more compute power, but also enables an opportunity to get more detailed information about the state of what your inspecting.