Zebop has through product development for aquaculture within smart camera technology based on applications for Computer Vision, Edge Computing, IoT and industry 4.0, been challenged to develop a camera solution that can register a person falling overboard, falling in the water outside a quay, in the canal or river, from a fishing cage, or other places where it’s not natural for a person to be in the water.

Overall purpose of the program is to gather realistic and good training data for Artificial Intelligence (AI), develop new and better technology, solutions to prevent and reduce drowning.

This will be achieved through cooperation, as we believe it will have a great interest for the general public.

Experience shows that picture and video processing EDGE is so challenging that most either avoid including this type of data in their data gathering, or after several attempts end up with a data base of bad data that results in an algorithm without utility value.

Phase one of the partner program will be organized as a project running 6-9 months with 10 companies from the supplier industry, insurance companies, the public sector, universities, research environments, IT and software companies, and the business community where monitoring is important.

Within the project, companies shall concretize ambitions, collaboration areas, build networks, share knowledge, develop abilities to collaborate and build trust.

Dividends for companies participating will be both in developing and better using of technology connected to Computer Vision, IoT, Edge Computing, AI (Artificial Intelligence) and more, as well as increasing their ordering competence, a better understanding for digitalization and challenges, and contribute to sharing through interaction.